One Roar

About us

The Sound Beast!


It all started back in March 2020 when a group of young professionals experienced an epiphany. We realized that we were using too many expensive products but none of them satisfied and matched with their performance, price, and service. So we embarked on a journey to make high quality audio products in India for the locals.

We represent today’s youth. We realize that just like visuals, there’s a dire need for high quality sound to get truly entertained. We know exactly how youth today wishes to enjoy their digital experiences.

Too much to ask from a nominal audio brand, right? This is exactly what we longed for – an audio brand that’s well within our range and gives us that oomph and majestic power in sound that we desire.

And that’s why we decided to end this tiresome search for you and created “One Roar”!


One Roar is an emerging and promising audio brand in India that gives you majestic sound quality with extremely dynamic range and pocket-friendly prices.

Have a look at the colossal collection of our audio products including wired headphones, wired earphones, Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth headphones, truly wireless ear buds, Bluetooth speakers, and many more!


Our mission is simple: To give a kingly aura to your audio experience with our sleek, trendy, and affordable collection of audio devices!

While watching TV, jamming on your musical playlist, at the cinema or your favorite live concert, we’re determined to give you perfection in sound quality. We strive to offer complete customization in sound manipulation features with a vast range of audio products –all at extremely moderate prices!


We envision to provide the best audio products and music experience to all music lovers at affordable prices. We look forward to becoming India’s #1 dynamic audio devices company!


Blend of Fiery Features & Subtle Designs

Being youthful enthusiasts ourselves, we value your preference in high definition sound, optimized volume scales, sound manipulation features, audio mixing, and noise cancellation options.

Witness earth-shaking thump with our earphones, earplugs, and headphones. And most of all, dive into the exotic and dazzling designs –from metallic, to neon, to bold dark colors -everything under your budget and with warranty. Isn’t that great?

Excellence is The New Roar

One Roar speaks for one taste and one desire of today’s unstoppable and feisty youth: “Excellence”. Back in the day, it felt challenging to achieve excellent audio quality. But no more! In today’s modern digital era, high resolution sound is goals, and we keep it to the highest value. Nothing but perfect sound! No less than the mighty roar!

Conscientious Customer Care

We are available to your queries and feedback 24/7. Talk to us if you wish to know more, simply visit our social media handles or email us at [email protected] and feel free to share your experiences using One Roar!

Easy On The Pocket

All our product ranges are truly grounded. No need to spend hefty amounts on audio essentials anymore. Order One Roar audio devices at affordable prices.
Ready for a surreal experience in the world of sound with One Roar? Check out our products now and shop your favorite!